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March 31st, 2002


"crocodile tears" - 03/31/2002

Posted on 2002.03.31 at 14:58
Mood: busybusy
Music: Roger Ring And Kevin Kleft - Pig
you could do better than her
they said
you could have someone more attractive

is that what you think you are?

if you took a second
to put down
the bleach and the makeup

and put forth the effort
to have a single fucking thought
of someone other than yourself

you might realize how infrequently you do that
and what other people think of you because of it

oh, to think i could still be
with someone who's so fucking attractive
she has to create a new mask
for every person she meets

keep crafting those beautiful disguises, honey
because i had way more time than i needed
to strip them away
and you're right
you're very right
to be so ashamed and afraid of the person underneath them

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