March 26th, 2002


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i've been searching for inspiration lately and finding squat.

too many cycles taken up by the current situation.
i'm unable to think of anything else.

the pendulum will either swing one way or the other
and i'm not sure which is better or worse

so which fucking ape is on you today
that's what my head wakes up and says


if i accept failure, and run to sanctuary
will i become languid and lose sight, or just go stir-crazy again?

if i grab, and swing across the chasm
will it hold, and is there anything to land on?

will i ever be able to stop worrying about where i'm at
and give some consideration to where i want to be?
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    Sneaker Pimps - Think Harder


there's a funny thing about fantasies
we have this little pedestal
on which
the shiny things that attract our attention
never lose their luster
but once
the condo
the car
the person
(insert object-of-desire here)
is acquired
it's removed from its shelf
and either gently placed
or hucked over the shoulder without so much as a sidelong glance
into the memory bin
where everything fades.
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    marilyn manson - the speed of pain

(no subject)

my roommates did this.

let it never be said that us kids down in the den of sin are lazy unproductive layabouts.
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    Green Velvet - Flash (Timo Maas' dirty dub RMX)