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March 18th, 2002


drunk tekno : seattle omelettes : introspection

Posted on 2002.03.18 at 18:00
Mood: peacefulpeaceful
Music: lovage - lies & alibis
edited because pictures have become available

i don't think i could have asked for a more fulfilling weekend.

friday night: mountain view - friends, excellent flicks, green, and yumminess.

i was sitting in adameros' living room and reflecting on how much unpleasantness i'd directed at some of the other occupants in the past couple of years.

looking back, i'm barely able to grasp where the motivations for my actions came from, or how i was able to justify them to myself- i'm still not even sure i've passed a real apology out to everyone who deserves one.

i think this speaks volumes for the character of some people; i can't find it in myself to forgive like that all the time.

saturday night: san francisco - pounding beats, too many people i hadn't seen in too long, and *alcohol*.

i got that "holy shit, it's jason" gape and pounce many more times than i needed to feel at home again. it's too perfect that the party was at new hack, the last place i'd partied half a year ago. my tag is still on the sacrificial pillar there (visible in the corner of the next pic).

spinning a truncated night-closer set was also enjoyable, as it had been way too long since i spun at a real party, but i'll admit that by 6am i'd taken far too many swigs off the clear plastic bottle of unidentifiable vodka to be in front of a mixer. i suppose that's the beauty of the closer set- it doesn't matter =)

following that, one last post-party breakfast in the castro, after which i passed out in the car on the way home and then passed out some more at home.


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