March 15th, 2002


becoming : borg

i've been waiting for this sort of thing for a while. check this post in cyberpunk for the impetus for this train of thought.

other such links here, here, and here.

the implications of this technology seem to me to be limited only by the level of control the "hooked-up" user is capable of developing; miniaturization's way past what we need, as seen here in a link i posted in a previous geek-drool post.

the computer/human interface is really the only area of personal computer development that *hasn't* advanced in the past 25 years, save for increased ergonomics due to many cases of RSI/carpal-tunnel.

imagine, geeks, not having to be at a desk, or even stationary, to use your computer.
imagine, musicians, not needing synthesizers or external recording devices- just thinking of the waveform you want, listening to it and editing it in realtime, all the while still having your hands free to lay down the guitar track.

ponder that, in the dawn of this new century, the possibility of becoming a cyborg has already gone from fiction to reality.

once someone commissions pininfarina to design a "fashionally acceptable" package for a wearable computer & bioelectrionc interface & you're reading about it in the "technolust" pages of wired, are you going to want in?

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