March 13th, 2002



snarfed from alceria

number of people on my lj friends list: 60
...whom I've met in person: 33
...whom I've met in person more than once: 26
...whose house I've been to: 21
...who have been to my house: 15
...whose precise geographic location I know offhand: 28
...whose full names I know offhand: i don't do full names
...whom I've followed/been in touch with for more than 3 years: 4
...who live outside my country: 2
...whose journal I consider myself "addicted" to: all of them
...whom I've lived with: 5
...whose ex I slept with: 0
...who I'd do: 10
...who I've done: 3


want another mix tape? ok, here.


in other news, work, shady ebay sellers, and life in general can all suck a fat one.
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