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March 6th, 2002


quarter to 5 in the morning : sleep deprivation's taking me interesting places

Posted on 2002.03.06 at 04:59
Mood: weirdweird
Music: local area network - weeio
i've decided that something that really pisses me off is when someone prefaces something you don't want to hear with "i know you don't want to hear this, but".

i used to date a girl that did that incessantly.

"i know you hate hearing about the veritable arsenal of cock i stuffed myself with before i was with you, but this one time..."

why not just say the whole sentence?

"i know you hate hearing about this subject but my need to run my fucking mouth is more important to me than your need for happiness so shut your pie hole while i tell this story."

don't do that. it's crap. & no, this is not directed at anyone (& least of all *you*), it's just 5 in the morning and i'm laying a stream of consciousness onto the keyboard because my mental bladder has been full for a while.


another thing about the sims that makes me insanely jealous: they get to just hop into a car and vanish from "reality" for their entire work shift. someone needs to pay me a few bills a day to disappear. i can do that shit.


when the hell are they gonna figure out how to snarf up that 90% of the brainspace that the average human never uses, like the dnetc client does with CPU cycles?

and moreover, if you *could* do that- jack yourself in and go braindead for 8 hours while your "processor time" gets "outsourced"- would you?

my initial reaction was "no"- but after consideration, i changed my mind, thinking of that excellent episode of 3rdRock where sally becomes a waitress... her thoughts on employment (paraphrased):

"the people of this planet have this wierd habit of trading their time for money.
it's kinda like taking out a mortgage on your life."

Posted on 2002.03.06 at 08:32
Music: Red Snapper - Get Some Sleep Tiger
waitaminnit. didn't that natalie imbruglia chick used to be white?

Posted on 2002.03.06 at 11:56
Mood: jubilantjubilant
Music: alphawezen - gai soleil
our office manager lorrie is back...
she did a costco run today...
we have a stocked fridge again...

...and there was great rejoicing.

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