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February 22nd, 2002

Posted on 2002.02.22 at 21:43
made it. impressions so far:

- they must put something in the water out here...
- the area i'm in now (tempe) is very much a renter's market; which is good for me moving here, not so good an outlook for what i'd like to do here. but we'll see.
- it's nice and chill.

having a hard time putting a finger on what my current mental state is; maybe because it's been so long since i simply relaxed. still throwing out resumes. not thinking about what's waiting for me at home. hope i can manage to correct a few things when i get back. unfortunately, the things i'm most worried about are the ones out of my control- but that really means that what i need to do right now is continue reclining, imbibing, relaxing, and enjoying the scenery. i missed the desert.

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