February 20th, 2002


(no subject)

mad rush to get everything done before i leave for PHX tomorrow.

need to:
- get id from dmv
- get sunglasses from sophie
- get paid (nope)
- get haircut
- get travelocity to stop fucking with me so i can print my electronic confirmation (need help)
- get new shoes (nope)
- throw clothes in messenger bag (what's the fucking point)

before about 3pm tomorrow so i can catch caltrain up to SFO. missed my "mandatory" meeting today at noon but co-workers have gotten a glimpse of some of the personal shit i'm dealing with right now so i think they'll be tolerant. if they can't, then they can damned well be accepting in light of the 5 digits worth of back pay they owe me by now.

alright, time to get going.