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February 18th, 2002


weekending : ramble

Posted on 2002.02.18 at 03:30
you will probably not find this interesting.Collapse )


what i did : with my day off

Posted on 2002.02.18 at 12:01
Mood: boredbored
Music: Fascia - Ringhollow
made fun of random people's livejournals (& if you don't like that idea, go fuck yourself):

- "I'm so sick of feeling surperior."
- too much drugs or too much xena... i'm not sure
- "Great googly moogly. Great. Googly. Moogly. You know what? I'm so very, very cool. I mean, serioisly. I'm alot of fun. People enjoy me." uhm, i am not enjoying you. *whap*. *whapwhapwhapwhap.* now stop that.
- this person deserves a beating for not only *finding*, but actually *taking*, the What ILR.com celebrity am i? quiz. hear that noise? that was the absolute last of my faith in human race going out the fucking *window*. innocentchild, i'm gonna need a link to those pictures of DJ Ice from the ASR day party here, just to remind myself that even complete stupidity can bring about good in the world.

not begging to be ridiculed but interesting for some other reason:
fizzy_water the first person i've heard use the phrase "going S-Mart" (interchangable with "going postal"). that's probably not new at all, but i like it. (& hey, anyone who cures their tool obsession with a pink floyd obsession can't be *all* bad ;)

i have determined that it's going to take *fucking forever* to synchronize my work and home mp3 collections, even automated. alright, it's noon and i have nothing at all worthwhile to communicate, so i'm gonna go take a shower.

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