February 13th, 2002


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"Remember thou must go alone; the Buddhas only point the way."


i think that one of the things i am really not willing to tolerate of anyone is hypocrisy.
i don't think i ask much of anyone lately-
but if you ask something of *me*, don't be indignant if i expect it in return.
if you're unable, i'll handle it in a manner of my choice.
if that's not fair, explain why, instead of responding in a fashion that you know would bother the living shit out of you, were the situation reversed.


& apparently i'm not done bitching, because i also need to say this:
when you take a stand about something because you believe in it- that's principle.
when you take a stand about something because of your feelings on the matter, and then allow those feelings (and therefore your stand) to be altered because of a change in the situation-
that's being selfish.


so yeah. fuck you, one way or another ;)
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