February 10th, 2002


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overall, i'll call that a decent day.

woke up in a good mood. went and cashed the partial paycheck i got yesterday. *did* get smoked out a little bit this afternoon, but that was the first time since last weekend, and who am i to refuse a request to help hotbox a Club Wagon? i'm able to rationalize that once a week constitutes a more responsible usage pattern, anyway.

had some drama, and i'll admit i reacted some places i should have responded. or not responded. i don't fucking know. killed the good mood rather quickly, which pissed me off even more because it was the first solidly-good mood i can remember having in some time.

i've been trying very hard to change how i deal with events like this, but i'll have to admit here that there are few more effective ways to upset me than to misrepresent me, especially via deceit, and that i am not perfect.

random introspective:
point 1: i've noticed that when i'm listening to drum-n-bass and playing GT i have a tendency to overshoot braking/handling limits.
point 2: i was listening to the starfuckers, inc single when i wrapped my yellow GTI around a tree at triple digits while racing a couple squids on sportbikes.
conclusion: i should probably not listen to anything 150+bpm while driving. (no more gabber on the freeway. aww.)

but i managed to shrug off the residual crap this left in my head, gave nicole a call, and we headed out to the san jose lj-pizza bash. met lots of people that were really easy to talk to, most of whom i have no hope of remembering well enough to link to; time passed very quickly and before we knew it we were getting non-subtle hints that the place was closing and we should find somewhere else to chill-

so crowds dispersed, goodbyes were said, and nicole, adam, pjammer and i went back to my place with the intention of finding something to do in san jose at 10:30 on a saturday night- and surprise, surprise, there wasn't shit. not even any 11:00 movie times. no wonder there are so many potheads around here- if you're not stoned it's really fucking boring.

however, we managed to entertain ourselves by belittling anything we found on TV (mostly olympic figure skating events) and a few journal owners we had gripes about, browsing other journals we found particularly entertaining, finding jesus's homepage, gawking at lego porn, and yes, you read that right- we went back to my nasty bachelor pad four blocks from the pizza place and got on livejournal. how sad is that? heh- maybe it's just more "appropriate" than anything else :P

anyway, yeah. decent day. hope tomorrow leaves me with a similar sense of fulfillment; if i can manage that, i'll be more able to handle the anxiousness of finding out what's gonna happen in CorporateLand on monday.
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