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February 6th, 2002

Posted on 2002.02.06 at 02:43
i can't sleep.

right now, anyway.

i'll probably have no fucking problem falling asleep at 7am, which'll put me out through noon, which is the hour of my mandatory work meeting. the one time a week i actually do *have* to be there.

life's a bitch.

Posted on 2002.02.06 at 11:04
Mood: there isn't an icon.
Music: Stabbing Westward - Throw
fuck withdrawal.

i keep telling myself "if i don't do it again i won't have to go through this again."

what a beautiful metaphor *that* is.

Posted on 2002.02.06 at 13:03
Mood: confusedconfused
Music: vaguely electronic eclecticism
1:00 and i haven't smoked _anything_ yet today.

(for frame of reference, usually i've got a bowl and three or four smokes under my belt by high noon. wow, that's really bad, isn't it.)

*somewhat proud of self*

but pride is, of course, always tempered by something, and i have discovered that there is after all a limit to how low you can knee-drag a mid-1980s honda scooter. (no breaks, just bruises, i'm fine. yay leather. ;)


i don't know what to do.

Posted on 2002.02.06 at 15:10
Mood: frustratedfrustrated
Music: vaguely electronic eclecticism

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