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January 21st, 2002

Posted on 2002.01.21 at 08:51
Mood: frustratedfrustrated
request granted.


i *heart* : double entendre

Posted on 2002.01.21 at 11:56
Mood: suspicious
Music: vaguely electronic eclecticism
monday, noon.
i open my eyes warily onto the world.
it's a national holiday and i have to go work for a very sad amount of money.

[i didn't need this shit.]

my boss got here a few minutes after i did.
hopefully i can sucker the 15th's paycheck out of him today.

[from where i stand it looks like this will either go very well or very badly.]

Posted on 2002.01.21 at 12:41
Music: vaguely electronic eclecticism
uhm... what?

Posted on 2002.01.21 at 13:20
Mood: complacentcomplacent
Music: vaguely electronic eclecticism [radiohead - in limbo (live)]
mmm. i *heart* netradio.

wish i could make the song title passthrough work... oh well.

Posted on 2002.01.21 at 16:49
Music: vaguely electronic eclecticism
paid. yay. now if only the banks were open.


que cera, & all that shit. i'm gonna go scooter home in the rain now.

Posted on 2002.01.21 at 17:50
Mood: coldcold
Music: Atlantiq - Pulsar
wow, my imagination was nowhere near creative enough when thinking about how much it was going to suck to scooter in the rain. i'm freezing.

i think i need to have a bowl, catch up on my webcomics, and take a nap.

Posted on 2002.01.21 at 20:10
Mood: *grin*
Music: Cold Cut - Autumn Leaves
oh yeah, now i remember why i haven't done any design work on my lj-

html pisses me off.

but now that i'm done messing around with that (and giving up on the idea of a thumbnail on my index page- i hate tables), check me out. i'm on the bruised.net cam portal. first page, even.

ah, it's good that there are people like alceria around to gratify us egotistic leos. =)

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