January 15th, 2002


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i just heard a laugh-snort.
the last time i heard a laugh-snort, i was being handed milk and graham crackers.
working with geeks... heh.

my boss actually made some "you doing ok?" noises this morning.

ugh, i'm really not, i'm feeling incredibly physically drained, probably because i haven't eaten anything meaningful in about 3 days.

but i'm uploading a couple gigs worth of new tracks to the radio station right now, so at least i'll have better & more varied music to slump onto the bed and pass out to tonight.
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we're all so : (goddamned horny)

a subset of this conversation reminded me that i had a 3some dream i last week as well.

(it's really only noteworthy because i almost never have dreams involving sex- in my life i've had less than i can count on one hand [heh].)

both of the other "participants" are in my friends list.

i'll just let you wonder. ;)

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ok, i've finally gotten the bugs ironed out of my radio station- it's running at 56k stereo again, & if you can't stream that you need a new provider.

i've also copied over the contents of about 8 cds i burned at home this weekend- not all of it has been queued, & i removed some of the stuff that was previously queued- long story short, there's about 88 hours of music up there now- some of it you've most likely heard, lots of it you haven't...

a large chunk of downtempo/triphop, healthy doses of dnb/house/techno/breaks, a surely unhealthy dose of techno-industrial, and spiced to taste with other wierd shit i've found.

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