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January 5th, 2002


before you call me a coward, show me what you have that i should fear : before you call me arrogant, show me a part of you i won't find contempt for

Posted on 2002.01.05 at 16:45
Mood: calmcalm
Music: nine inch nails - piggy (nothing can stop me now)
Word of the Day for Tuesday December 18, 2001:

heterodox \HET-uh-ruh-doks\, adjective:
1. Contrary to or differing from some acknowledged standard,
especially in church doctrine or dogma; unorthodox.
2. Holding unorthodox opinions or doctrines.

went without posting for a couple days because i wanted to collect my thoughts on a subject.

i will not be your friend if you only keep me around so you have someone else to talk shit about and squeeze gossip from. don't treat people like that and then claim to be "getting better" or even "making progress". if that's how you've been acting, you were never a friend, or even a good excuse to fill skin, in the first place.

i should go make a car payment, but i still haven't gotten a check for the 1st of this month.
i should call her, it's been a week and a half.
i could go buy a torque wrench and get some more work done on my YSR.
i should clean my room a bit.
i should go eat something.

yeah, that last one sounds good.

Posted on 2002.01.05 at 16:55
clue #1 that you should not have reproduced

Posted on 2002.01.05 at 17:59
snicker du jour


i love the way my friends talk

Posted on 2002.01.05 at 19:43
Mood: amusedamused
Music: nine inch nails - we're in this together
K**W****** (7:41:19 PM): why not explain to the ex that she's an ex and that precludes her getting honked over your playing hide the sausage with anyone else?

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