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December 21st, 2001

Posted on 2001.12.21 at 15:50
Mood: contentcontent
Music: Stabbing Westward - Falls Apart
i have absolutely nothing interesting to write about today, other than this:


this morning at starbucks, my request for a custom frappucino made w/ white chocolate mocha instead of regular mocha was happily granted.

you have *got* to try that. nummy.


so it's been determined i'm heading up to yuba city to see the family tomorrow.

haven't seen them since the end of january this year.

gonna have a lot of unpleasant shit to fill them in on, and i have to think of an explanation as to why i still don't have my license back.

mom *told* me i didn't have to buy any xmas presents, but i think i'm at the very least going to get my little brother an mp3 discman. i *heart* mine.

i guess putting the yz125 together will have to wait until next weekend.

i hope i can sleep well tonight, so i don't look like i've been skipping sleep every other night (as i have been).

it's my friend/coworker todd's b-day today, and in celebration of that i got a ten dollar half-pound burger from faultline. in light of that, please send todd a quick happy b-day for me, if you've got a minute and a mail client =)

ok, off to fry's to buy someone else something for once.

happy whatever.

Posted on 2001.12.21 at 17:41

someone just paged me, without an area code, with 911, to a number that's not in service in 408, 650, 415, or 925.

gawd, that's frustrating...

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