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December 17th, 2001

Posted on 2001.12.17 at 09:13
Mood: weirdweird
Music: Luke Slater - All Exhale (Trunk Mix)
too poor for drugs?
sleep deprivation's always there for you.
hold out for 60 hours and you'll get hallucinations that make acid seem like sniffing glue in junior high.
(best results when you can't afford to eat either.)

damn, i could use a ciggy.

i've noticed a bit of a trend towards the "short and sweet" with my journal postings, so i wrote a nice 2-page-long introspective entry about where i'm at right now.

included material dictates it's kept private, though. sorry.

i'll try and come up with something interesting if i can ingest enough caffeine today.


random aim snippet du jour

Posted on 2001.12.17 at 10:27
Music: DJ Rush - Live @ As You Like It-12.16.00
still nothing interesting, sorry.

got this, though:

********* (10:24:57 AM): fuck women.
********* (10:25:17 AM): i'll be sticking my dick in large lumps of mashed potatoes from now on.

name hidden to protect the guilty.

Posted on 2001.12.17 at 11:44
Music: satellite & ki-20010614

how much do i NOT feel like being fucked with by norton ghost right now.

<-- needs a cigarette. prolly oughta eat too.

you know you've gone nocturnal when you look outside at quarter till noon on a partly-cloudy day and it's "too f***ing bright".

Posted on 2001.12.17 at 11:58
Music: satellite & ki-20010614

going now. hopefully when i return i'll be more intelligible.

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