December 9th, 2001


what you get when you mix too much equipment with too much time


so in the interest of keeping boredom at bay and finding something better to do with my computer, this week i dug an extra soundcard out of one of my storage boxes- an SB AWE64 i had the chance to get my hands on about 3 years ago- ISA, but still a good card.

i popped that in and reconfigured VTT to run as a "proper" dj setup with a master and monitor out, but wasn't happy with the software EQing... even on a pIII-750 it just takes too long to respond.

so i hauled my 500 upstairs and reconfigured VTT again, this time simply to send channel 0 to one card and channel 1 to the other. this is, IMO, where one of VTT's shortcomings lies- it needs support for sound cards with two separate line-outs, as that'd allow for one line-out into each channel of the mixer...

(& no, you do *not* want to see the cable mess behind all of this combined with a two-amplifier, four-speaker setup.)

anyway, that setup works decently, provides lots of fun- a mixer & mouse/trackball setup is fairly ergonomic, and having the pioneer upstream of the amplifiers seems to clean up the signal coming out of the computer- i can't explain it other than saying the cabinets just push a *lot* harder this way...

the only real purposes for all of this are playing around that can't be done on vinyl, and pre-programming sets without worrying about wearing down needles or records- & since i don't have a complete vinyl setup right now, i guess i'm kinda just getting my fix too ;)

soon to come: installing those integrated amps i bought two months ago. really.

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