December 7th, 2001


random lyric snippet du jour

i'm looking for a new meditation
still looking for a new way to fly
don't want any plastic validation
now i'm looking for a new way to die
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colorquiz, again

just because i felt like it and it's the only really insightful "click this" web-survey i've found:

nailed again.

Your Existing Situation
Acts calmly, with the minimum of upset, in order to handle existing relationships. Likes to feel relaxed and at ease with his associates and those close to him.

Your Stress Sources
The situation is regarded as threatening or dangerous. Outraged by the thought that he will be unable to achieve his goals and distressed at the feeling of helplessness to remedy this. Over-extended and feels beset, possibly to the point of nervous prostration.

Your Restrained Characteristics
Egocentric and therefore quick to take offense. Able to achieve satisfaction through sexual activity but tends to hold aloof emotionally.
Circumstances are such that he feels forced to compromise for the time being if he is to avoid being cut off from affection or from full participation.

Your Desired Objective
Alert and keenly observant. Is seeking fresh avenues offering greater freedom and the chance to make the most of them. Wants to prove himself and to achieve recognition. Striving to bridge the gap which he feels separates him from others.

Your Actual Problem
Agitation, unpredictability, and irritation accompanying depleted vitality and intolerance of further demands have all placed him in a position in which he feels menaced by his circumstances. Feeling powerless to remedy this by any action of his own, he is desperately hoping that some solution will provide a way of escape.

(current prospective way of escape value: $31312.50; keeping fingers crossed.)

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