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November 30th, 2001

Posted on 2001.11.30 at 13:49
Music: Nine Inch Nails - Burn
yeesh... i should not be this alive on 2 hours' sleep.

but heh- i managed to record about 50 tracks off of vinyl last night...

in case anyone's thinking of buying me a christmas present, this will work fine =)

Posted on 2001.11.30 at 14:00
Mood: weirdweird
Music: NIN w Adam Ant - Beat my Guest
heh- so the last time i got a tarot reading, it was in person, maybe a month and a half ago, and it was frighteningly accurate and insightful.

i guess i must channel my energy well, cuz i just took that online one nico posted about-



Past - The Devil

Perfectly poised against his satanic cross, the charming seductor stands in a pool of blood. It's from his bleeding heart. One of his charm tools. He wears a wedding ring to give himself an appearance of commitment, when in his mind, he is married only to himself.

Reversed Meaning: Coming to your senses. Ending a constricting relationship.


Present - 4 of cups

Reversed Meaning: Noticing light. The right people are beginning to appear. Better situations.


Future - 9 of pentacles

Meaning: Prudent. Careful. Symmetry. Well balanced. Concern for all. Love of life. In tune.


yeah, i know stuff like this is widely open to interpretation. still- yeesh.

the devil card looks damned cool.

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