November 28th, 2001


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whoo. so that check i needed arrived last night, *and* wells fargo cleared my other check sometime after i went to bed at 3am this morning. so the ysr's now fully paid for (he gave me a week to come up with that extra $200 for the dirtbike motor and pipe), and i've got about a bill and a half to spare.

it's nice to get that "aligned" feeling from life every once in a while, where shit falls into place *just barely* where it needs to.

back to SF tomorrow... gonna try and make it out there early so i can maybe get a full 8 hours for the day, but that all depends on how early i can fall asleep tonight. either way, it's more money.

D, the guy who sold the bike to me, said he'd swing by next week with a bunch of extra crap he's got- a gas tank and bodywork being among items of note, because they're stuff i still need; gotta swing by san jose yamaha sometime so i can pick up that engine gasket set...

gotta get those integrated amps installed into my cabinets too, so i can free up my sony amp for that dual-10 subwoofer downstairs (which my roomie offered to me for $40). yes, my room will soon contain two 10s in a ported box, in addition to the two 12s already in there.


(just gotta figure out where to put it...)
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fuck sony >:|

luckily, the latest 1.6b version of bleem! for pc is still available from an outside source.

i guess the good side of this is, mail me a blank cd-r and an envelope w/ postage and you can have a copy of the key cd (& saying that here won't get me in any trouble).