November 27th, 2001


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i just heard my boss mention "support issues" in a euphemism-like tone to one of our consultants.

i haven't been as available as i might be at mercanti, but it's hard to balance this w/ a contract and still have enough money to live.



if they're gonna give me the boot i just hope the merger happens first.

i want the hell out of here anyway, but i don't like the idea of having the past 2 years of my life that i've dumped into this company amounting to naught.

i might be worried about nothing, but i've learned to read my boss's tone and mannerisms pretty well, and that doesn't sound good.

blah. i hate how sometimes it seems i'm about to pull myself off the ledge, and then some outside influence occurs that makes it seem like i'm hanging on more by my fingernails by anything else.
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goddamn this mood-swing shit gets old. (& so does this double-posting shit my lj client keeps doing.)

why can't i keep perspective and realize that not every stimulus the world gives me really *requires* a response on my part?

i'm gonna go home and make my xp machine dual-boot to 98 so i can resume playing gran turismo at high resolution.

oh yeah, prolly gonna smoke some pot too.

wells fargo's taking forever and a fucking day to clear my check again.

combine that with the fact that the accountant at my 2nd contract mailed the other check they owe me out instead of holding onto it for me so i can deposit it myself (which *is* what i asked), and i have about $2 to my name right now, and need $200 to pay for the remainder of my YSR tomorrow morning.

i hope that shit clears tonight *and* that there's a check waiting for me at home, otherwise i'm kinda screwed.
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