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November 26th, 2001

Posted on 2001.11.26 at 10:55
Mood: *grin*
Music: Pills - Rock Me
i love when winamp automatically picks the music i need to be in a good mood at any given moment.

this day went better than i had any reason to expect.

i guess that's what i get for starting it off right ;)

& now i'm half an hour away from the end of my workday with a quarter-grand paycheck in my bitch bag and hopefully another one waiting at home.

most of this is *probably* going to go to rent since i'm not gonna get my mercanti check till next monday (meaning: after the 1st), but that just means that more of that check will be available.

gotta get a top-end gasket set for the yz125, which i learned this morning (from the members of this excellent site) is of either 1970 or '71 vintage, with electric start even. nifty.

heh- i always swore i'd never own a "classic" or "vintage" automobile- guess i have to eat those words, as the engine i'm about to stick in my ysr is at least 7 years older than i am. maybe i'm the only one who sees the irony in that- oh well.

also hope to be able to afford new suspension arms, wheel bearings, brake rotors & pads for the 16v gti soon, as i'd really like to finish upgrading that thing, sell it off and use the $3k or so i have tied up in it for other stuff (namely, a supercharged engine for the mr2, so i can hopefully sell that thing off at a profit as well).

all a matter of keeping priorities straight... & eyes on the prize.

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