November 24th, 2001


(no subject)

my current mood is non-explainable.

depression lurks just at the edges of consciousness, but... things are okay, at least on a personal-occurrences level.

there's some part of me, though, that is just increasingly unhappy with where i've managed to place myself within the world, even though by many counts i'm a very lucky person to be where i am.

when i'm in a state like this some lyrics will usually call themselves forth from memory to be repeated in my head until i can exorcise them somehow: here are today's.

i don't know what i am
i don't know where i've been
human junk
just burns in so much skin

stick my hands
through the cage
of this endless routine
just some flesh
caught in this big broken machine
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    Nine Inch Nails - Ruiner