October 29th, 2001



just got an email about a rolling ysr chassis from a guy in fresno... he says all it needs is engine/ignition.

how convenient that there's a complete yamaha 50cc engine sitting in a box in my room...

but i'm only gonna let myself buy it if i'll still have enough left over to head out to los banos with a large chunk of change on the 12th of next month; so we'll see what he wants for it, and how much shipping costs are.

(heh- anyone w/ a pickup truck wanna drive me 3 hours into the middle of nowhere to pick up a non-working motorcycle? didn't think so...)

oh- and i'm declaring today another FuckMicrosoft day. they're kinda like unbirthdays, for those familiar ;)
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"growing really is about realising that life isn't fair and just dealing with it."

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    DHA Tekno. 64+ hours. slurp it up, kids.

i'm the mood-swinginest motherfucker around.

hey, has anyone seen my purpose in life? i lost it somewhere...


need something to occupy myself tonight.

thought of secret society... keep meaning to go to that... but i don't have an id, so i'm f***ed even though it's FREE.

*grumbles, kicks something expensive*

it's so tempting to just go home and say "fuck it, what's the difference" and smoke myself retarded... because really, what *is* the difference?
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    DHA Tekno. 64+ hours. slurp it up, kids.