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October 28th, 2001


cool toy o' the week

Posted on 2001.10.28 at 04:00
Mood: highhigh
Music: satellite-20010621
izotope ozone for winamp

the first plugin i've seen to do *really good* analog modeling and bass compression for MP3's; the increase in quality is wonderful even with just the default presets & the winamp eq set to the "techno" preset, and i'm too stoned to play around with it right now.

however, i can still write html tags, so for an excellent demonstration, load this up and enable/disable it while listening to my radio station (& no i ain't ever gonna stop plugging that fucker... i am the techno evangelist ;)

but yeah, a cool free toy for the audiophiles out there. enjoy.


well then.

Posted on 2001.10.28 at 14:05
Mood: goodgood
Music: DHA Tekno. 64+ hours. slurp it up, kids.
quite a night.

season gave me a tarot reading while i was at her house- the cards i picked were totality, adventure, consciousness, sorrow, and exhaustion. i guess i was properly tuned for the reading because it answered the questions i had pretty well.

& now, it's 2pm, & i've got the rest of the day ahead of me. i think i may go find some pointless way to spend a small amount of money today.

nickel city's a bit far to scooter to... hmm. i'll find something.

*bounces off*

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