October 17th, 2001



finally got around to installing XP last night, which is (i think) the 5th OS to be dumped on that poor computer since it's arrived at scott's house.

after reading gilmor's comments/complaints in the sjmerc about XP, which were mainly the crippleware aspect (which users of the corporate version don't have to worry about), and the built-in attempts to get you to consume (buy, buy, buy!) through various pre-installed softwares, i decided i could take it on in a couple hours; it was easier than expected.

all of the "consumer" links can be judiciously trimmed by spending a few minutes in the "windows components" section of the "add/remove programs" control panel.

other stuff i've found in a couple hours' worth of stoned toying-around:


the profile-transfer utility, if it works properly, will make my life a *lot* easier while i still have to do the occasional round of desktop support. (yeah, i'm slumming it... but $30/hr remains $30/hr.)


default logins displayed on "ctrl-alt-del" screen- i'm sure there's still a registry key to get rid of this, but it's still retarded. to make matters worse, there can be as many as 5 recent logins displayed, instead of just the previous one (as was the case in nt/2k).

ok, i'll comment more on this later, i've found something else i want to post.

tip o' the day

Try these steps on an OS X machine (not logged in as root)

- Open up the terminal application
- Quit the terminal application
- Open up NetInfo Manager (leave it in the foreground)
- Open up the Terminal application from the "Recent Items" list in the
Apple Menu.

You should now be logged in as root!

quote i found today

"I'm not sure which upsets me more: that people are so unwilling to accept responsibility for their own actions, or that they are so eager to regulate everyone else's."