October 16th, 2001


whoo.continued financial semi-okayness.& amp sex.

allowed myself a *little* spending this pay period- bought & paid for those two integrated amplifiers for my cabinets this weekend.

i'm fairly happy with the way the system works now; a dedicated set of bookshelves for the mids/highs has enhanced clarity a *lot*.

however, this weekend i decided to test the lower frequency ranges with c-tec's late-1997 release, darker (which should really be entitled speaker abuse) - this is *full range music*.

i learned from listening to this CD that low-frequency and sub-bass response, both in terms of output and transience, are severely lacking (but what do i expect from cabinets that literally cost $50 each)?

we'll see how much this is helped by giving each 12" its own 100watt amplifier (as well as removing and covering up the holes from the other two speakers in each box), but i think that the low quality of the no-name-brand driver is going to be very much the limiting factor here-

i can tell from playing w/ the EQ in winamp that the system does actually respond to changes in frequencies as low as 60hz, but full-range sound needs to go much, much lower than that.

i've been playing with the idea of replacing the 12s in these boxes with something else for a while; the car-audio market has resulted in a lot of development of quality bass drivers, as well as wide availability at comparatively low prices.

the problem, though, seems to be that sealed, small-volume boxes seem to be king for car installs these days; my cabinets are ported boxes measuring roughly 3'h*18"w*12"d, giving them a volume somewhere between 4 and 5 cubic feet.

unfortunately, the only 12" sub i've found with 8-ohm capability that's compatible with a 4cuft enclosure is the Rockford Fosgate Punch HE2 RFP3212, which "only" goes down to 26hz.

ah, i guess that'll have to do for the moment.

in other news, i'll be happier when i have enough money sitting around that being fucked with by financial institutions doesn't affect me so much anymore.

i got my check from mercanti on time yesterday, and went to go deposit half of it at the credit union as my loan payment and cash the rest- i get there and after the new guy behind the counter fumbles for a while, he can finally tell me that they'd have to put a 2-day hold on the remainder of the check before i could take it out.

i really don't get the logic there- this is *my* money, & in my world, 48 hours can be forever. i dunno what these people are smoking that they think i'd be okay with that, but they should *share*.

so i went over to wells fargo, intending to cash it *there* and walk *back* to the credit union with the loan payment, and i learn that wells fargo now requires not just one, but *two* forms of ID to get money out from the teller.

ooooh-kay, so i walk out to the ATM and deposit the whole f***ing thing. late fees on the payment don't show up until they're a week overdue, so i can just take out a couple hundred a few times and have things covered in time. the way i see it, if they're gonna fuck with me like this, they can sit and wait for it. =)

*wades through and out of the drama*

feeling better, generally.

yet another survey

(stolen from nico)

Current taste: a hint of brown sugar (from the OATMEAL i just ate, you perverted fucks)
Current hair: short on the bottom, long on top, maybe in need of shampoo, & getting more sun-bleached by the day
Current grievance: stubbornness
Current annoyance: what the hell is the difference between a "grievance" and an "annoyance", anyway?
Current scent: djarum's special
Current stupid musing: i try not to have stupid musings
Current longing: freedom
Current game: pissing match
Current thing I ought to be doing: increasing filter security on my router
Current windows open: nico's journal, laura's IM window, The Prime Number Shitting Bear, outlook, and a couple directories on the network
Current desktop picture: hmmm... needed a new one, it's now this
Current favourite artist: H.R.Giger
Current favourite group: portishead
CD's currently scattered about room: ...how sad. mostly MSDN archives i've snagged from work.
Current book: still haven't finished Xenocide by Orson Scott Card
Current CDs in stereo: hahah... i don't listen to CDs anymore
Current disc in DVD player: none
Current colour of toenails: natural
Current earrings: none
Current refreshment: solitude
Current worry: none
Current malicious intent: exploit the masses
Current misguided opinion: can't think of anything
Current crush: none
Current favourite celebrity: mmmm... john cusack
Current time wasting wish: see "current longing"
Current hate: *shrug*
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