September 24th, 2001


today's friendly sysadmin notice...

if you're on any of the securityfocus lists, you already know this, but there's *another* trojan being sent out as an attatchment that purports to be related to the whole WTC thing.

it's distributed as WTC.EXE and called TROJ_VOTE.A

updated signatures are available from symantec, mcafee, and trade.

once again, don't open EXE's you get in email, etc, etc.

(no subject)

ok, i'm offline, probably for the evening.

the MV crew is all absent as well, so nicole must have gotten her license- congrats =)

tomorrow, i'm going to attempt to migrate an entire network from workgroup to domain (and let me tell you how much i'm *not* looking forward to helping an entire office of middle-aged ladies recreate each and every one of their NT profiles).

right now, my biggest dilemma (well, the biggest one i'm willing to write about) is whether or not to make the ride from SJ through SF to berkeley a little more tolerable with a bowl.

internal conflict remains, in many other areas, but this is life.

hey, if anyone can find me a copy of Space's "Female Of The Species" on mp3 i'll be very grateful; i've had it stuck in my head for a week now... mail it here. or here. or here. i really don't care which =)
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