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September 13th, 2001

the newfound absence of the famous Twin Towers of the World Trade Center has left the new york skyline lacking... something.

construction will begin as soon as possible on buildings to replace those that have been destroyed; mayor Giuliani ensures us that the new face of new york will leave an even stronger impression than the mighty twin towers did previously.

an artist's rendering of the proposed new skyline of new york is available here.


my dad the entrepreneur...

Posted on 2001.09.13 at 11:44
ok, so as some of you have heard from me, my (step-, but i hold him closer than the bio father)dad was in manhattan on tuesday morning, 8 blocks from the WTC. i can't imagine how my mom must have felt until he heard from her; the first news i heard of him was that he was safe and i was still driven to tears.

but he's cool, and apparently still himself- email from mom follows:



I just spoke to Andy, who reached Chicago this morning. He will be resting for a day in Chicago, and then is scheduled to depart tomorrow for Sacramento.

He is driving a mini-van, and has now dropped off all the other passengers. We have an auction up on E-Bay to try to fill some of the other seats!

He wrote an article about his experiences on Tuesday. It was the content of our weekly newsletter. It's published on-line at www.patentcafe.com/ipfrontline/index.html .

We're hanging in there, but I can't wait for him to get home!



Posted on 2001.09.13 at 13:20
isn't it funny how a day can seem to start out well and then just suddenly turn to shit?


plurball, read this

Posted on 2001.09.13 at 22:38


14:40 2001-08-01


Citing high-ranking Afghan sources, the Pakistani newspaper, Nation, has reported that the Taliban have appointed two international terrorists, Osama bin Laden and Juma Namangani, to lead military operations against the Northern Alliance.
According to the paper's information, the Taliban leadership has de facto appointed terrorist no.1, bin Laden, as defence minister. He is currently organising offensives from his secret hide-out.


so. the actions of a few and not a country, huh?

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