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September 8th, 2001


the latest emode

Posted on 2001.09.08 at 16:50
You are a Bad Boy

You're a T-Bird looking for his Pink Lady. A tough guy. A heart-breaker. A Bad Boy. So what if you're hard to tie down? The gal for you likes a certain edginess, someone who keeps her on her toes. In fact, it might be the challenge that keeps her around; you're tough and hard to tame. More macho than the Marlboro Man, no one would call you romantic or doting, and they wouldn't dare accuse you of being in touch with your feminine side. That suits the ladies who love you just fine; it's the sweet, sensitive guys who bore them to tears. Whether they're seeking adventure or hoping to tame your wild streak, your mysterious ways and undeniable sex appeal keep them coming back for more.


blah. whatever

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