August 6th, 2001



decent weekend.

as of this morning i have just over $1000 in my checking account. probably won't stay that way too long, as i don't know when the next day i'm working in SF is, and my next check from mercanti won't come til next wednesday, but the upsides are that my next car payment only has to be $600 on the same date.

found a ysr w/ no engine today for a little under $500, but it won't be available until *right* before my check comes. if the price doesn't go up too much, i'll be able to afford it and have it shipped out here...

further along those lines, the green gti will be up on auction soon; the guy from the credit union estimates he can get 10 grand for it, which will leave me with 15k left to deal with. christ, that's a lot of fucking money, but i have to tell myself that dealing with this responsibly and actually paying off the loan (instead of filing for bankruptcy) will be better for me in the long run, both financially and in terms of good karma.

i'm gonna take the next single-day check i get and have it pay off the ticket i've got here in san jose; should be about the right amount.


i feel like things are looking up, or at least horizontal.

saving money and prioritizing properly are a huge pain in the ass for me, but i think i'm getting better at it.
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    dk's live detroit/hard tekno feed. 50+ hours. slurp it up, kids.