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July 16th, 2001


goodbye vr6.

Posted on 2001.07.16 at 12:23
so my car got towed again on friday night. the worst part of it is that i was at a fucking stoplight and got nailed for expired tags. i don't have the money to continue making payments and get the car out of the tow yard, so i'm waiting for the daily phone call from loni at valley credit union so i can tell her to repo the damned thing.

i have to look at this in the right frame of mind; i needed out from under these payments and i'm being shown the way. i have another car ready to drive as soon as i get my license back.

and in the meantime, i have alternate transportation. 50cc honda scooter. no license required. should be fun.

i was 2 hours late to mercanti this morning, after a rather sleepless night. all the guys from switchboard are here, but personally i couldn't care less what they think of us; their stock has fallen from 6 to 5 in the last week and personally i'd rather we held out for a higher-rated buyer. we have another demo tomorrow, so i guess i need to make sure alternative transportation works tonight.

and hey, if nothing else, i get paid today.

i need a cigarette.

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