July 6th, 2001


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blah. a day of consulting with some normal fucking people has thrown into sharp relief what a shithole mercanti is.

i'm actually having a tough time coming to terms w/ the fact that i made over $200 in a day working for the San Francisco Girls Chorus... was relaxed all day, got lots of shit taken care of, impressed people, and generally *enjoyed myself* at work for the first time in i've forgotten how long...

and then i come back to mercanti where stress is standard operating procedure, and when trey or george smile at me i wonder what shit they're about to pull, and i take home roughly the same amount of cash i did when i was working as a software/IT intern for my mother, at $10/hour.

to make matters worse, i'm earning today's $90-or-so by rewriting parts of an application i finished months ago, because some asshole deleted the latest version of it from our production web server.

now that i actually put all my feelings about the situation into text, i guess it's not really any sort of surprise that i don't feel any sort of motivation to care about what happens at mercanti. christ, it'd almost be a release just to have the place go under so i could find better work.

justin is my saviour.
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