June 21st, 2001


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there was a full solar eclipse this morning in parts of Africa.

streaming video can be found here.

it's too bad the full eclipse part only lasts about 3 minutes... it'd be a sweet idea to throw a day party that coincided with a full solar eclipse- unfortunately, the next north american full eclipse won't happen for another decade and a half. ah well, that gives me lots of time to plan...

retook the colorquiz, just for shits n giggles...

Your Existing Situation
Feels obstructed in his desires and prevented from obtaining the things he regards as essential.

Your Stress Sources
Has an unsatisfied need to ally himself with others whose standards are as high as his own, and to stand out from the herd. This desire for preeminence isolates him and inhibits his readiness to give himself freely. While he wants to surrender and let himself go, he regards this as a weakness which must be resisted. This self-restraint, he feels, will lift him above the rank and file and ensure recognition as a unique and distinctive personality.

Your Restrained Characteristics
Willing to participate and to allow himself to become involved, but tries to fend off conflict and disturbance in order to reduce tension.
Egocentric and therefore quick to take offense, leaving him rather isolated in his attachments.

Your Desired Objective
Needs recognition. Ambitious, wants to impress and be looked up to, to be both popular and admired. Seeks to bridge the gap which he feels separates him from others.

Your Actual Problem
Needs to be valued and respected as an exceptional individual, in order to increase his self-esteem and his feeling of personal worth. Resists mediocrity and sets himself high standards.


well, at least i only have one Actual Problem this time around instead of two... i must be making some sort of progress.

ryan just dropped by my office for a bit. good to see him, and i very much appreciated his gift.

i think i'm gonna go home and be antisocial again tonight. laundry and packing never seem to get done w/ others around.