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June 14th, 2001

Posted on 2001.06.14 at 10:33
Music: radio.dk
*sigh* minor slip-up at work yesterday.

i wish kevin would fire me rather than making snippy comments like "well let us know next time what 'everything' includes when you give us the all clear on 'everything'". i'd be *much* more comfortable w/ that.

so why is it, then, that i don't just simply give him my two-weeks notice? fucked if i know.

Posted on 2001.06.14 at 17:34
Music: radio.dk
jamie, i feel your pain on the getting shit together thing.
sorry i can't make it to faith tonight, and fuck flaky people.
i'm gonna go home and take some nyquil and pass the fuck out.

Posted on 2001.06.14 at 18:03
Music: radio.dk
for kevin's benefit:

potential cars eventually destined for miki include:
1989-1991 mazda rx7 convertible
1990-1992 nissan 300zx 2-seater t-top
1992-1994 nissan 240sx convertible (imagine it with this bodykit)
(and just for good measure, i'm gonna throw in:)
1991-1995 toyota mr2 non-turbo - definitely easy to find in the right price range, definitely a good platform for fun visual mods (especially the trd wide body kit), and apparently not too hard to swap MR2 turbo parts onto according to this page.

no, neither of the first two (or #4) will be the turbo model. i need to be able to afford to insure whatever this thing ends up being :P

however, if door #3 ends up being the one taken, an SR20DET (japanese silvia- think turbo se-r motor) swap will probably be the end result.

hopefully i'll be able to find one of the above for between $5-10k in decent shape...

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