May 28th, 2001


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another... weekend i can't find an adjective for. after a long drive down to san diego, we got here just in time to... cause drama. *sigh*

i won't go into that since i was simply the catalyst and not really involved, but the rest of the weekend was good, and i hope stuff mends okay down there.

the desert party i went to was incredible. it reminded me of the cloudfactory 6-year; very simple and well-executed, and *everyone* there was incredibly conscious of leaving the place the way they found it.

on the way there we took 15 towards las vegas and as we passed through barstow it occurred to me that that was the route hunter s. thompson took in Fear & Loathing ILV, which i found entertaining.

once we got there (the directions were a bit confusing due to the high number of white posts on desert roads), the spot was at the base of the foothills of a small mountain range, at the edge of a small valley- at about 5 in the morning i felt the need to climb to the top of the highest hill that was close enough to be a convenient 15-minute hike and watched the sun rise from one of the higher peaks in the range. awesome.

the rest of the weekend was spent smoking at the apartment, except when laurel's mormon dad showed up to help her moved out and i managed to shock him by responding "oh, i speak *that* language very well" when he told me he misheard that i spoke "fetish" instead of "spanish". ha. the conservative are so fun to toy with.

i forgot how much i liked southern california... and the desert. i'm gonna miss this place.