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April 23rd, 2001

Posted on 2001.04.23 at 18:13
Music: amber doofhouse live
seems i haven't had much to write about lately.

well, i guess it could seem that way.

i'm kinda-sorta regretting loaning out money to make sure Relic happens, because Relic has lost its venue and i'm down to $250 in my bank account, which isn't enough to get my sentra out of impound. (however, it should be enough to carry me through to my next paycheck, maybe even with an 8th of weed in there somewhere.)

i don't know why i waited (other than the unattractive prospect of going to jail).

i could have gotten that taken care of.

hopefully when i get the $600 back from relic i'll get off my ass and do it.

hopefully my next paycheck will be a full-sized one.

neither of these things is certain. *sigh*

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