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April 6th, 2001

Posted on 2001.04.06 at 19:45
Mood: weirdweird
Music: amber doofhouse live
so apparently the golf is totaled.

while this must suck immeasurably for louise, it's a hell of a load off of my mind.

just need to get louise's mom's insurance to pay up before the 15th, and then the loan is gone.

man, my record of keeping cars i've bought through this credit union is now 2 for 4. that's pretty shitty.

i don't know what the fuck to make of any of this. life is so goddamned nuts.

edited to add: it's about 15 minutes later and i've realized *exactly* what to make of this. once that car's paid off, i'll have $15,000 less debt.

do you know what this means?

i'll tell you *exactly* what it means.

it means my GTI-VR6 is about to be traded in on a brand-new Double-u Are motherfucking X.

now the only question is, to go with the sedan for the looks or the wagon for the carrying capacity (and the entertainment value of modifying it and whipping ass on camaros in an import station wagon).

opinions accepted =)

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