April 5th, 2001


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preface: george carlin owns.

so i got the late slot at ascension last night. was originally gonna be 12:30-2, but ended up being 1:10-1:45. shit always seems to work out that way, and since i was running on about 4 hours of sleep the night before, i decided i really didn't care that much and that i was gonna have fun rather than stressing over the set.

so i had a couple of minor two- or three-beat mismatches (and of course dave made note of this), but hell. when you mix with a quarter of the record and not just the last 15 seconds of it, you pay the price- and i'm not down with faking my sets. i'd rather try and fuck up a *little* than just sit there being a damned jukebox.

but it was fun anyway... nothing like hard pounding techno through a decent system. i scared off most of the usual ascension candy-crowd by halfway through my set, but it was worth it. =)

*sigh* money situation has not yet improved, but i'm going to borrow $500 from amber until the deposit comes, so i can go pay rent on my new place in downtown SJ later. after that i'll need to go back up to berkeley to secure a few items for a few people, and then back down to SJ again to drop off said items and move the first of my stuff into my new place.

gonna be a fun day...
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