April 4th, 2001


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for some reason i woke up at 4am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. at 5:30 i grew bored of trying and took a shower and came to work. got here at 7:30. something's seriously wrong with me.

apparently i'm spinning at Ascension tonight. (yay, i get to use a pioneer 600! cue/master fade! wonderful.)

i'm waffling between playing with the few new breaks records i've got or sticking with my semi-established collection of hard pounding techno. we'll see.
blake's on telegraph near channing, in berkeley.
9pm-2am, 18+ is $7, 21+ is $5, drinks are *strong*.

come. dance. =)
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    Laurent Garnier - Live at Fuse (May-06-2000)