March 20th, 2001


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good weekend, but my credit union still wants $1000 for the golf and i still haven't gotten any money from louise or her mom.

at the very least i know i have enough to cover rent for next month.

yeah. still stressed. don't wanna deal. don't have a choice.

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you would know. wouldn't you?
you extend your hand to those who suffer
to those who know what it really feels like
to those who have had a taste
like that means something
and oh so sick i am
and maybe i don't have a choice
and maybe that is all i have
and maybe this is a cry for help

(problems do have solutions, yanno...)
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    Nine Inch Nails - I Do Not Want This

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feh. someone IM/icq me with some songs to download that'll make me feel better. please?

aim: deuxmacht
icq: 57306833
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    Incubus - Drive