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March 16th, 2001

Posted on 2001.03.16 at 11:43
Mood: boredbored
Music: DJ Rush - Live at Fuse (99-11-20 - Part 2)
i just reinstalled icq

come bother me =)

Posted on 2001.03.16 at 13:42
Music: DJ Rush - Live at Fuse (99-11-20 - Part 1)
a short quote i came up with a couple years ago:

"variety's nice, but irony is the true spice of life."

Posted on 2001.03.16 at 15:40
Music: DJRush U60311FFM Pt1
ooh. i found a set of Corrado G60 wheels for sale in Palo Alto. they're $110. hopefully i can scrape the cash together for these soon- i'll need 15" four-bolt wheels for my GTI-16v when i upgrade to the larger brakes i've bought for it.

i *love* the way a lowered A2 looks on slightly larger wheels... they give the car a very squat/mean look. it's about damned time i do something with that car...

Posted on 2001.03.16 at 18:13
Music: DJ Rush - Live at Fuse (99-11-20 - Part 2)
i'm so tired of being stressed all the time. i can't take this shit anymore.

my paycheck was late (again) yesterday. bad.

because ADP, my payroll company, are a bunch of cocksucking idiots, they can only send paychecks within a certain "window" or timeframe. since kevin's been busy dealing w/ investors all week, he apparently missed it- but this means he had to cut manual checks (which don't have taxes taken out of them). this was stressful, yet turned out okay and i actually managed to be in a good mood as i walked to the bank to deposit the check and take out the money for the car payment.

then i got to the credit union and was told the payment for louise's golf hadn't been made since january. this is also, as you might guess, BAD.

so yeah. i have to go throw $1000 i *don't have* at the credit union because louise's mom can't follow simple fucking instructions. bloody fucking wonderful, innit?

NEVER COSIGN ON A LOAN. for ANYONE. i don't care *how* in love you are with this person and how you think you'll be together forever and blah blah blah.


in fact, don't even get a loan for *yourself* if you can at all avoid it... save up and buy your car with cold hard cash. i'm *seriously* considering getting rid of my VR6 just because i can't stand this bullshit anymore.

(and now kevin has asked me to show him a demo of my wishlist which has AGAIN broken because our SQL admin keeps FUCKING with my stored procedures. days like this make it difficult to decide whether i should off myself or someone else.)

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