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February 26th, 2001

Posted on 2001.02.26 at 12:07
Mood: anxiousanxious
Music: Andreas Krämer vs Kay D. Smith - Killa Instinct
decent weekend- pretty chill, which i think was necessary after last week's "festivities".

on saturday morning i went out to oakland and looked at a 20'x20' warehouse loft space- they're asking $575/mo for it, and it *kicks ass*. it's a *large* warehouse- maybe 40'x70' internally- and in the center there's a structure that's kitchen/pantry/laundry-room underneath and the 2nd story is the loft i'd be inhabiting (hopefully). there's a big-ass patio outside with a sweet view of industrial oakland, and i'm told you can see the city from there when it's clear (it wasn't on saturday morning). also a big-ass parking lot out back that nobody's gonna have a problem with 3 more cars in... *grin*.

the chicks that live there now are amy, who's a very artsy/tori-like photographer/musician, and shauna, who's a pre-med student. they're both pretty cool- most of my "interview" there was just sitting at the kitchen table and talking about random stuff w/ them.

damn, do i ever have my fingers crossed right now. *hope*hope*hope*

went out to don's house after that and discovered that i have a fair amount of good dark techno- i hadn't realized i'd amassed this much. breaks seem to be following the same "next-big-thing" trend, which frustrates me greatly, because that's exactly why i stopped spinning hard-house/nuNRG. but there's always techno, and as i saw at new-years, there will always be techno listeners. (maybe i'll really be able to release a CD after i finally decide what genre i want to spin.)

sunday was pretty chill all day. damn, i'm glad i didn't try to do much this weekend, because it seems like a lot of people aren't having such a great time right now. i haven't seen much of a lot of people lately, and i miss you guys.

another week ahead of me- i get paid this thursday, and i'm told the deposit check from tamalpais is on its way down to louise either today or tomorrow, so i'll have enough to cover first/last/deposit on wherever i move next... good god i hope it's this warehouse...

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