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February 22nd, 2001

Posted on 2001.02.22 at 15:51
Mood: blahblah
Music: Halou 02 - Loop in Blue
i realized that by disabling anonymous posts i blocked replies from a few people i would like to hear from.

so anonymous replies are back. but in true totalitarian style i will delete them as i see fit- and if you *do* have a livejournal, don't post anonymously- use your username. (yes, that means you, jon, since you'll inevitably ask...)

Posted on 2001.02.22 at 16:17
Mood: listlesslistless
Music: John The Dentist - Feel
quoted from sfbg.com:

What's so unique about the ass, anyway? Seventy percent of all people have asses, and the rest have had their asses surgically removed, such as the people who write things like "Only 50 bucks at Ticketmaster" right below "peace, love, and family" on their flyers. Family? Who needs more family? If you're culling new aunts and uncles from the club or rave scene, expect to make room for a bunch of crazy, cracked-out motherfuckers.

too fucking right...

Posted on 2001.02.22 at 23:47
Mood: highhigh
Music: Nu Skool Breaks - Various - Hybrid - Galaxy Network Mix
i'm working late tonight- but it's not a bad thing for once. i went and smoked a bowl at the mercado with back2dafront about two hours ago, and apparently it was exactly what i needed, because i managed to fix the wishlist. sick shit. thanks for the company, jay, i needed it. =)

(and finally i remember to use the little "high" mood icon! wooha!)

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