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February 15th, 2001

Posted on 2001.02.15 at 14:43
Music: OD404 - 9 Bar (BK & DBM 10 Kilo remix)
girls... if any of you are looking for lingerie ideas... red panties/bra under white jammies *definitely* works. =)

Posted on 2001.02.15 at 15:24
does someone want to explain to me why i keep turning away calls from headhunters- like three of them a week- so i can stay here at mercanti?

our paycheck's gonna be late, again. this means my car payment's gonna be late, again. i haven't heard back from louise on whether or not she's got the golf payment covered, either.

to make matters worse, yesterday i had about $125 left in my checking account. seeing as i *should have* been paid today, i spent about $110 of that on miki's valentine's day present- a yellow gold pendant with a diamond in it. great, happy and shit, except now i have money for *nothing* today- good thing i have enough gas to get me home.

it'd be nice if they at least kept the bagel dogs in good supply here at work so we don't have to go HUNGRY when they don't fucking PAY US.

this means i can't get the sentra towed till tomorrow either. GODDAMNIT i'm pissed off.

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