February 12th, 2001


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wow. what a weekend. friday night i left work at about 9 and drove up to SF to meet miki @ her parent's place. met her dad, which was... anticlimactic. he was like "hi, good to meet you." that was it. no small talk, no discussion of school or career, just "hi" and then he goes back to watching TV. *shrug* ok. i guess i was a little nervous going in, but his "whatever" attitude was both relaxing, and made me feel like he was emoting "oh, here's the next one. wonder how long he lasts."

then we went to the Thump party out at 550... and all i can say is *DAMN*. i never thought clubs could be that much fun. great music all night- hard/acid trance in the main room, breaks and warehouse techno in the side room, and goa/downtempo upstairs. i must have looked good that night or something because i got checked out like a goddamned library book.

there was one moment i remember with crystal clarity- i was on the stairs in the green room that lead up to the upstairs lounge/bar and caught the eye of this gorgeous blonde in the crowd- really petite, about 5'6" maybe- and we just stared at each other for what must have been 10 seconds. i cracked a smile right before she looked away, and so did she. a few minutes later i saw her with a guy that looked like her bf, which was even more flattering- cuz we both apparently had the attitude of "yeah, i'm with someone... but you're not hard to look at in the least."

had a great fucking time.

bought a nice $25 glass piece from a chick named Luna who had a vendor stand set up- miki bought these cute butterfly wings with peacock feathers on them. she also sold us what was supposed to be a 20-sack of green but TBH was more like the better part of an eighth- i wanna know where *she* gets her shit if that was $20 worth of weed to her. she's apparently got a regular street-vendor deal going on telegraph in berkeley, so miki and i are gonna make it a point to go by and drop her off a bit of greenery sometime, to repay the favor, cuz what she gave us lasted all weekend.

saturday miki and i drove down to SJ to drop off my key and garage door opener for 6408. we saw a yellow note taped to the windshield of the sentra and immediately started worrying- but it turned out to be from someone who wants to purchase it; they said "as-is" so they must know what a sentra SE-R is. i need to call them back, tell them about it, and hear their offer... (after i get the damned thing towed and PNO'ed.) larry wants to buy it too, and i told him i wanted $3000 for it- he said he'd talk to his parents about it and find out about a loan. i'll be happy selling it to either person, because i'm pretty sure both of them are enthusiasts.

after that, we went record shopping at solid grooves and skills, where i picked up a few more records, and then went home and got all vinyled up for tina's house party on saturday- DAMN we looked good. jonathan described us as the "s&m master DJ and his sex kitten". heh. i went on after shane and spun a damned good nu-skool breaks set, if i do say so myself. excellent responses from ppl there- this girl told me she walked into the room during the first break in Azzido Da Bass' Dooms Night and heard the 303, and it made her night- brought back memories for her- i love that track, but it's even better to hear how other people respond to shit you like. (go find that track on napster- look for the Timo Maas remix.)

sunday was chill. woke up and headed over to becca's to help paint banners with the rest of the sfr-planners kids- but that crowd turned out to be me, ryan, and becca. (funny how lots of people were complaining about the lack of commitment on the list last week...) mad tension between ryan and becca. it's funny. wonder where that's gonna go.

after that, went home, smoked pot, got food, ate, got laid, passed out.

good weekend.

jason's apparently half-convinced to move down to san diego. *sigh* this isn't a hugely bad thing, but i'd like to live with him. on the flip side of the mercury retrograde coin, i found a listing for 1500 sqft of warehouse space in hayward for rent for a little under $800 this morning. i'd be sharing it with a female handywoman/musician. it's got lofts and office space and shit- DAMN am i ever crossing my fingers on that one- i'd throw a move-in party the likes of which haven't been seen around here in years.
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people are passing this personality test around on the livejournals. i'm bored, so here's what i got.

(Submissive Extrovert Abstract Thinker )

Like just 6% of the population you are a MENTOR (SEAT). Some would call you the most powerful and influential of all people. Those people don't get it.

The reality is that you DON'T really WANT to impose your beliefs on others. Yet you are extroverted and intelligent, and you like to get involved. So you help others with the pursuit of knowledge.

You're the reason that people say teachers are also students. You are as much a learner as a master, and this fact satisfies you.

As you grow older you'll become more introspective, wondering if your life meant anything. Don't fret, of course it did.

Other MENTORS from the entertainment world include:
Noriyuki "Pat" Morita as Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid
Julie Andrews as Maria in The Sound of Music
Robin Williams as Mr. Keating in The Dead Poet's Society
Edward James Olmos as Jaime Escalante in Stand and Deliver

...julie andrews? this worries me.
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