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February 7th, 2001

Posted on 2001.02.07 at 21:00
yay! more fun with bitchy coworkers today!
(it's pretty damned sad that this is the most notable event of the day, and at 8:00pm no less.)

trey sends me an email this afternoon- he's working from home and needs to access some files via FTP.

okay, no problem, right?

i ask him where the files are. his response:

"i don't know. give me access to all of them."


i tell him that i can't just give him access to everything - FTP doesn't work that way.
(it gets better - and whether or not i should have to explain the fact that an FTP server needs a specific directory to serve [usually ftproot or whatever] to someone who claims to have been working in the computer industry since before i was born is not up for debate here.)

his response:

"well jason, what do you suggest? if you can't decide, make it the important stuff on *web server* like the C: drive."

(i love how it's *my* responsibility to determine what data he needs to do his job. YOU FUCKING MORON. ALL I NEED TO KNOW IS WHAT GODDAMNED ICONS YOU CLICK IN NETWORK NEIGHBORHOOD TO GET TO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. oh yeah, and did i mention he copied my boss on that last one? i *hate* when people do that. i'm trying to *help* this guy, and he pulls childish bullshit like this. from my point of view, trey is now a whiny 6-year-old yelling "i'm gonna tell teacher on youuuuuuuu!" because i'm trying to hold the knob on the water fountain for him. "important stuff". is that a technical term, dumbfuck?)

irritated but still civil by this point, i take a few minutes and craft up a response:

"well, normally my suggestion would be to determine the exact location of the data you require, so i could have that be the home directory for the FTP share.

since that doesn't appear to be an option, i've used the C: drive on *web server* as you requested.

feel free to mail me back if you need anything else."

that seems to be a nice balance of veiled insult and polite professionalism to me.

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