February 6th, 2001


(no subject)

i wish things could calm down for just one fucking day.

last night i hauled the last of the crap out of 6408. couldn't get a tow truck or locksmith for my sentra so it's in front of the house temporarily.

when i was done with that i swung by don's house in fremont for about an hour - didn't stay longer as i'd missed damon&co and it was 11:30 when i got there, and then headed over to miki's place where i ended up crashing.

i left for work this morning and rear-ended a BMW. there was a cop that witnessed it. i think i've used up my good karma for the rest of the year because only my car was damaged, and the cop seemed to want to avoid paperwork (which is pretty fucking lucky for me, seeing as i still have a suspended license).

it's wierd to think that by all rights i should be in jail at the moment.

i'm trying to talk an SFR friend larry into buying my sentra from me. if i can get $2500 out of it that'll pay for a body kit, jetta headlights/grille, a carbon-fiber hood, and a respray in gloss black, which is what color i wish i'd bought the car in in the first place.

feh. good fuckin' morning.