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February 1st, 2001

Posted on 2001.02.01 at 17:55
Mood: tiredtired
Music: Prodigy - Poison
wow. so we did it.

we did a pretty bad-ass job on cleaning the house last night, and drew, miki, and i managed to have all of my stuff into my new room in berkeley by 7am.

boo yah.

the room's small. we could barely fit all my shit in it. but i think once i get stuff reorganized and unpacked i'll be able to make more judicious use of the space.

back2dafront seems to be thinking harder about moving down to san diego to be with shae, but at the same time, jeremy's talking about extending his lease on the berkeley place and letting me have tony's room when he moves out (which is bigger than the one i'm in now). rent on that would be $500. for once i have a *choice* of options instead of a forced decision hanging over my head. this is nice.

free plug of the day - this online record store rocks. they seem to be similar in concept to half.com, but they have a lot of european sellers with old vinyl- i've ordered broken, downward spiral, and closer to god - three albums i'd probably never find on vinyl around here. (cost me over $100, but oh well.)

alright, i'm done. gotta go back to 6408 one last time and have my sentra towed out to work- and then i'm off to berkeley permanently. this has been stressful, but it's gone okay.

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